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Is your product world ready?

Looking for a high quality, low cost way to translate your client apps? Then look no further. Setlr allows you to send strings for culturally sensitive human translation and pay completely on demand with no expensive platform or setup fees.

Despite what you may think about crowdsourcing translation, it can be extremely high quality when done right. Just ask Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Doing it right means 2 things: culturally embedded humans and technology. We blend the two to deliver a tool that clients, developers and project managers love.

What we do...

We help clients, app developers, project managers and agile i18n teams to deliver world ready products by providing on-demand access to high quality but affordable human translation for your apps.

100% Human Translation

No machine translation here! All of your strings translated by native speaking, culturally embedded translators inside your target locale.

Quality Control

Here's the smart bit.. All your strings get peer reviewed by multiple translators and only the best translations get upvoted for delivery.


We use gamification to keep our community translators highly motivated for high speed turnaround of your string files.


Context is such an important part of the quality process. We present all strings in context to our translators so they understand where each string fits into the wider product.

How we help developers...

The traditional app i18n translation problem

Your client asks for an awesome, world ready app. You're down with the i18n process, you build in the l9n and now it's time to get the app translated. Traditionally, that means messing around with language files or spreadsheets, telling clients to go and find their own translations or even worse, making do with machine translation. Aargh!

The Setlr app i18n translation services tool

Connect your client's app to our API and get all the static content translated into any of our supported languages by local translators. PS. You'll love our developer friendly API documentation and help videos so anyone on your team can use the platform :)

Be a hero developer

Be a hero and offer Setlr as a solution. Our brand is built on high quality 100% human, culturally sensitive translation for every locale and the same clever community upvoting technology that's used by Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Developers offer your clients high quality localization and earn a 10pc commission

Build our highly affordable fixed cost of $0.08 USD/word into your project cost and simply pass it to your client. They'll be happy to pay a little for the high quality translation and as a thank you for recommending the platform, we'll give you a 10% commission. Nice!

Got questions?

What about dynamic content translation?

Yes, we support it so don't use nasty machine translation APIs! The only difference with dynamic content translation is that the client needs to have their own Setlr account for ongoing translation after you deliver the project.

Is the API the only way to connect?

Nope. It's really easy to upload language/resource/string files directly to the platform for translation into any supported language(s).

What does it cost?

Simple. $0.08 per word fixed for all languages.

How long does translation take?

Thanks to gamification and a highly engaged global community, translation occurs in near real-time, meaning super fast delivery without the delays that inevitably occur when your cients have to go and find their own translations and lose files/spreadsheets in their inboxes.

What languages are supported?

Lots! We'll give you the full list when we release beta but you can be sure all common languages will be covered.

Can I try it?

Absolutely! Just sign up for the beta trial and you can be among the first to try the platform when it launches soon :)

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