A New Kind Of Help!

Relocating is a challenge. We know you're up for it but sometimes we all just need a little bit of help along the way.

We connect people moving away with a new kind of helper who can do the things you really need when you get stuck.

Introducing the SetlBuddy

3 Amazing New Services

First Contact

Use the SetlMap to find a SetlBuddy in your new area. They will act as your very first contact and introduce you to the area. They might be locals or people just like you who've just moved in. They can recommend all the best local stuff, help you link into the most suitable social networks and some can even show you around!


Language Bridge

Say goodbye to the language barrier! Our network of multilingual SetlBuddies can help you do almost anything if you don't speak the language. They'll translate for you, make calls for you, deal with companies for you, fill in important forms for you and even sort problems out for you. Amazing!



Like a forum but better! Ask a question and we'll suggest SetlBuddies who are in the best position to help you. You see their profiles, choose who to talk to and get the help you need. We even offer a fun and friendly new way to thank your SetlBuddy for a great service by buying them a Help Reward!


Latest SetlQuestions

    • Get Help On The Go

      Get Help On The Go

      Take Setlr with you on your mobile! We offer a great mobile version of the site so you can always connect with the help you need while you're out and about. Bookmark the site now and you'll always have it in your pocket.

    • Help Setlrs Anytime, Anywhere.

      Help Setlrs Anytime, Anywhere.

      Never miss an opportunity to help someone with Setlr mobile and our clever alerts system. Get an alert as soon as someone posts a request matching your profile and instantly offer your help by applying while you're on the move!

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    “Setlr is simply the smartest, coolest, most useful and most essential site for anybody who’s moving!”

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