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Life in Your Language!

We solve everyday language problems for everyday people, just like you.

We’ll help you do all the things you need to get on with your life in a new language.

Having trouble with bills, letters, resumes, forms or emails? - No problem. We'll give you the language help you need to answer your most important questions. And if you need the translation, we'll use real people, not machines to get it done for you at high speed and low cost.

Your everyday language problems. Solved.

People Powered Language Help

When it comes to understanding the meaning behind the words and solving real, everyday language problems, humans are always better than machines.

We humans are so much better at:

Setlr - How does crowdsource language help and translation work?

Machines can’t solve your everyday language problems! We can, because we use real everyday people just like you to help! We’re using the power of the human cloud to build a network of everyday people who can offer low cost human translation and something so much more important - actual hands-on language help.

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If you can speak more than one language we have people who need your help.

Join our growing community of Language Helpers and get paid to work whenever you want, even if you only have 20 minutes a day!