Cross the language barrier

Whether you're moving yourself, your family or your business to new locations, we provide the services you need to cross both language and cultural barriers.

Go beyond literal translation. We'll help you to do more than just translate documents, we'll help you to understand them!

We'll also help you to translate, proofread, localize and even test anything you need to send, whether it's a letter to a local school, a student essay, brand marketing for your international business or your newly developed global app, so it's error free, understandable and relevant to your target audience. Using the power of local people, we can do much more than just literal translation, we can provide friendly, everyday contextual and cultural translation, proofreading, localization & testing. It's language on location, and we're really good at it.

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People powered translation, proofreading & localization

When it comes to understanding and conveying meaning across different cultures and solving real everyday language problems, humans are always better than machines.

We humans are so much better at:

Setlr - How does crowdsource language help and translation work?

Machines don't understand context, subtle differences in terminology, cultural differences or local formalities. They can't use localization to improve their translation or proofreading quality. We can, because we use a global network of pre tested everyday native speakers who actually live and work in these different cultures to complete your tasks. You can't get more local than that!

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Setlr is about making communication personal, relevant and understandable in different cultures.

If you can speak more than one language, we have people who need your help.

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